Finishes: Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil + Bees Wax
Polyurethane Base

Mineral Oil Finish
For products with a natural mineral oil finish, simply dust with a soft cloth periodically. We recommend applying a thin coat of mineral oil to the wood every 3 months or so to enhance the finish, depending on your color preference. Wood color may darken a bit with each coat. Mineral Oil (available at any drug store) tends to soak into the wood at a slow pace. Be sure to apply evenly.

For wood products with painted stripes, do not apply mineral oil application to striped area.

Mineral Oil + Bees Wax Finish
Our food safe products, serving, cheese, Pizza Paddles, are coated with a mineral oil and bees wax finish. Hand wash warm water only. We will be happy to reapply the finish for you if you bring into the store.

Polyurethane Base
For products with a polyurethane base, furniture polish can be used for dusting and cleaning purposes. For wood products with painted stripes, do not apply furniture polish application to striped area.