Q. What is the Eastmantribe ?

A. Eastmantribe is a design and build brand that was formed in 2015 by artist and designer John Eastman.  The company began designing, building, and selling wood timber benches and tables and has expanded its offerings to textiles and blankets, ceramics, leather bags, and other lifestyle products.  More information about the company, our brands and sub-brands can be found here: https://www.eastmantribe.com/about/.

Q. Does Eastmantribe have an actual retail store?

A. Yes. In December of 2018, Eastmantribe opened up its first brick and mortar store in Regent Square Pittsburgh.

Q. What is the store address?

A. 1035 ½ S. Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15218

Q. How can I contact the store?

A. Contacting the store can be done by completing the contact form located here:

https://www.eastmantribe.com/lets-talk/ or by calling 412 657 1801.

Q. Does Eastmantribe use local vendors for its materials?

A. Eastmantribe purchases wood for benches, tables, side tables and sitting stools from vendors located within a 60 mile radius of the store.  Other products are handmade from Mexico, New Mexico and local artists.

Q. What is Southwest Zen?

A. Southwest Zen reflects our love of open space, sunny skies, amazing air, and barren desert space. Imagine an old pickup, driving through desert on a sunny day, looking for great finds. Our products from these influences is grouped around a lighter grade of wood, a bright color palette. Distressed and naturally worn from the environment, we offer beautiful leather bags, tins and cactus, and rich colored blankets, plus a host of other “finds” that hopefully connect with our followers and the SW idea. Life in the Southwest is different, it’s not for everyone, but for those who get it, we think we may have tapped into it in our product offerings.

Q. What is Eastman Cross?

A. The roots of Eastman Cross stem from our founder john eastman who started out 18 years ago as an abstract painter before learning how to design and build furniture about 8 years ago. The sketches and paintings of non-religious crosses seem to work their way into multiple articles of work over the years, tweaked in line imperfection and color. Red on smoke gray backdrop is a favorite, red on white a close second, with others in the making. We feature these hand painted on some wood benches and sitting stools, textile products as t-shirts and table runners, as well as steel tin planters, ceramic coffee mugs and small sculptural vessels. When someone comments “that looks like an eastman cross” it wells us up with emotion and gratefulness.

Q. What is Skeletal Arrow?

A. Skeletal Arrow is the oldest and flagship of the product designs and builds, and engulfs most of the product to date. An idea or influence can come from anywhere for eastmantribe, but it always moves forward to development from a core or bare bone approach, thus the reference to a skeletal and arrow. As a brand, we are rooted in minimalism, where the product conception, design, built and materials are always simple and basic with minimal materials in use. The adherence to minimalism extends into the openness and surface of the product, whereas a wood bench or long library table surface serves as a canvas or platform for small focus object such as a painted stripe or arrow, both playing off of each other, both equally important.  We further try to move this forward by placing our product in open spaces to exist within a space, to not be a shiny object in the room. Our smallest piece of functional sculpture or woodwork, is as important as our largest….it is just how we see our platform in life as a brand.

Q. Is Eastmantribe a non-profit org?

A. No. Eastmantribe is a for profit business organized as a business in the state of Pennsylvania.  

Q. Does Eastmantribe sell email or contact information to any parties?

 A. No. Customers who sign up for our contact list can be assured that their information is only used for communicating with them for sales, news, and events of Eastmantribe.

Return policy

Please see our Customer Return Policy and form at:

Q. Does Eastmantribe offer delivery on its products sold?

A. Delivery service from our Pittsburgh PA store is available. Costs and delivery schedule are based on your location. Please email us at customerservice@eastmantribe.com for a estimate.

Q. Does Eastmantribe offer shipping of its products?

A. Yes. Upon purchase, enter your address information into the online form and we will provide you with a shipping cost and estimated delivery date.

Q. Will Eastmantribe be expanding its line of products?

A. The expansion of our company to include a brick and mortar store in Pittsburgh, PA has ignited plans for constantly adding to your inventory mix. Blankets from Mexico, Leather Bags from New Mexico, to name a few recent items. We are currently pursuing several ceramic products for our Home Products category,  adding to our textiles, and working on clothing. Stay tuned.

Q. Does Eastmantribe consider other artists and craftspeople for work to be sold in its store?

A. Eastmantribe is always happy to look at other craftsperson work for consideration of adding to our online and brick and mortar store inventory. Our main focus is always …does the work fit well with our aesthetic? Is it quality work and craftsmanship?  Is it a fair value for product?

Q. Does eastmantribe sell its products outside of Pittsburgh?

A. Yes. Since 2014, Eastmantribe has been selling its products online to customers in multiple cities, some of which include New York, North and South Carolina, Seattle Washington, California, and Texas.

Q. Is Eastmantribe hiring?

A. While we are not currently hiring staff, we would love to hear from you about your education, work history, and experience.  Please email us at employment@eastmantribe.com.

Q. Can I sign up for a mailing list?

A. Yes, our online form for joining our mailing list can be found here:

Q. How does Eastmantribe help the local community?

A. Our brick and mortar store, located in Regent Square Pittsburgh, just opened in December of 2018. While we are new to the community, we believe we’ve already began to contribute to it. Our first project was to design and build an entirely new facade to the building made of corrugated sheet metal, a steel and glass garage door, significantly improving the prior aged facade. In the spring, we will be hosting long table dinners in our space using local chefs in the area. Great food, wine, and intimate get togethers Stay tuned for more community oriented projects on the burner.

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