A word about our logo and our approach to design and building.

Our logo is a simple, carefully designed approach to communicating our brand and belief in minimalism – in design, product, and footprint. It incorporates our name, eastmantribe, a take on the founder, as well as a reminiscence of the days when groups of people formed together for a common purpose such as survival, or perhaps as family. Tribes often left their sign to mark their space or territory. Ours is a skeletal arrow, to indicate our belief in starting things from the core, from the spine if you will. The arrow tip indicates a directional sense…moving forward.

Our approach to creating

For each artist, there exists an initial connection to core materials that starts the creative process, ultimately leading to an idea, design or plan for a piece of art, furniture, or object. That connection can be the touch of a stone, a felled tree, another tangible surface we’ve been exposed to, or even a musical lyric. We develop that connection until it’s complete, realizing our end product. We are minimalists at heart.

Welcome to eastmantribe. We hope you enjoy our work.